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Wild Child
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Just the adventures of a mad scientist's disembodied brain...

2012, abandoned buildings, abstract photography, androgyny, animal rehabilitation, artistic misspellings, asperger's syndrome, babbling incoherently, banned books, bdsm, beanie babies, being different, being smarter than you, biking, broken lawn gnomes, caramel, centaurs, cfs, cheese, co-ops, collars, collecting books, concept art, cooking, cryptozoology, detroit red wings, disability rights, discworld, dogs, drabbles, drag, dragons, drawing, dreams, dropkick murphys, dumpster diving, dusk, dyscalculia, eddie izzard, environmentalism, exotic pets, face blindness, felines, flying fish, frida kahlo, gay rights, gef the talking mongoose, genderqueer, genealogy, genju no seiza, goats, gonzo, grocery store karaoke, gyros, harry potter, having 150 interests, hedwig, horses, hot showers, house m.d., hyphens, ibs, indian food, inu yasha, invader zim, invisible grafitti, iron chef, jenny hanivers, jeopardy, katamari damacy, keychains, lenore, leopard geckos, loreena mckennitt, mama earth, medications, men in kilts, metalocalypse, michigan, mutt pride, my metaphorical dick, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, national geographic, native american history, neil gaiman, new antiques, nightwish, non sequiturs, oomph!, opus, paganism, pet rocks, petshop of horrors, pibbles, poetry, princess mononoke, privacy, pro-choice, punk, purple, railroad crossings, rammstein, ratatouille, rats, reading, renewable energy, rocky horror picture show, rubber cement boogers, satyrs, scrat, sensuality, shin-chan, siouxsie and the banshees, skeeball, skulls, sleeping, snes, sour candy, squeaky bed springs, squee, squirrels, steve irwin, stompy boots, superstore marco polo, tattoos, tea, temeraire, the addams family, the first amendment, the illusion of suburbia, the lion king, the night, tmi, totems, tricksters, understanding, valdemar, viking kittens, vincent van gogh, vyvyan basterd, wade figurines, walking, weebl and bob, weird shit, where's george, wildlife rehab, wolves, writing, you don't know jack

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