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Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

Ten years ago, I was in my senior year of high school. However, I had a minor cold or allergies, and managed to convince my mom that I should stay home from school. In retrospect, I probably should have gone to school, but I was not a particularly driven or even good student, and I relished any opportunity to stay home. So I went back to sleep for a couple hours. When I woke up, I went out into the living room and turned on the TV.
I'm not really sure why I turned on the TV at all, but I saw the breaking news and my sleep/cold medicine befogged mind interpreted this as "Oh, what war/action movie is this?" Then I woke up a little and realized "Hey, shouldn't there be talk shows or a small claims court show on at this time of day?" And then my next though (I'd like to consider myself at least somewhat smarter than this memory makes me out to be) was "Oh shit..." That's when the second tower was hit. The newscast was live from New York, and I remember the look of confusion and fear on the reporter's face when he saw the impact of the plane on Tower 2. I watched for a few more minutes, to reassure myself that what I was seeing was indeed real. Then I called my mom, who was at work, and asked her if she had heard what was happening, and she said that her boss had come into the office and turned on the radio, so yes, she had heard the news. I don't remember clear details after that, aside that my predominant thought was "Welcome to adulthood."
I went back to school the next day, and there was this aura of mixed emotion, a combination of shock and grief, but also a weird undercurrent of excitement. There's a part of me that wishes I had been at school on 9/11, but I know that those of my generation will remember the day for the rest of our lives.
Oh, and that day also happened to be my grandmother's birthday. She was turning 69, and overall that day must have been a real downer for her. 9/11 is always a difficult day for me, both in terms of the national tragedy, and remembrance of my grandmother, who died several years ago. I still miss her like crazy.